20 Best Places to Travel in 2021 during Coronavirus in the US & Around
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Summer is around the corner and many are looking for a tropical destination to enjoy the season. But, due to the pandemic, lots of countries have enforced restrictions travelers may not be aware of.

Traveling Lifestyle has compiled a list of 30+ warm vacation ideas and places for Americans to travel during COVID-19 in the US and around, along with travel restrictions and requirements for each destination!

Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.


A negative PCR COVID-19 test or a 10-day quarantine


Latest update: As of April 9, Hawaii only has around 100-120 new COVID cases per day and it’s considered a safe destination for US citizens. Therefore, Hawaii is one of the best places to travel in the U.S. during COVID.

Why travel to Hawaii – There are a number of reasons why you should travel to Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery, great food, loads of culture, endless fun and more.

Recommended: Things to Do in Hawaii during COVID – 2021 Guide

Travel restrictions – Travelers who want to bypass the 10-day mandatory quarantine can bring a negative COVID-19 test result from a state-approved trusted testing partner.

Also, visitors must fill out a State Dept. of Agriculture paper form (Distributed on all flights) prior to arrival in Hawaii. 


Zero COVID-19 related restrictions

Sunset in Texas

Why travel to Texas – Being the second largest state in America, Texas offers an extraordinary variety of climates and landscapes from beaches to mountains to woods and much more.

Travel restrictions in Texas – As of today, there are neither travel restrictions nor quarantine requirements. Indeed, the local government decided to eliminate its statewide mask mandate earlier this month. However, waiving all COVID-19 related restrictions has backfired hard.  

Only last month, 4 big names in the industry have canceled their conferences in Austin, making companies such as Hilton Austin hotel lost $350,000 in revenue, according to Austin Convention Enterprises.

Basically everything is open in Texas. From bars, to restaurants, beaches, museums, natural parks, with just a few to zero restrictions. 

Vaccinated travelers, or those who are not very concerned about catching the virus, can choose Texas as a great option for enjoying its music festivals, outdoor activities and even shopping. 

Austin, Texas

Under the Texas laws, Austin is pretty open to tourists at the moment and definitely one of the best places to travel in 2021 during coronavirus. Face coverings are advised but not mandatory

Visitors will find an increased focus on cleanliness and social distancing at Austin hotels, restaurants and other tourist venues. 

Restaurants are open for dine-in indoor and outdoor service. Additionally, museums and tour companies have reopened for business. Live music is also back in town. Tour companies are also reopening.

Bars remain closed in Austin until further notice. 

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming
Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

Known as the first U.S. monument, established by President Theodore Roosevelt on September 24, 1906, Devils Tower National Monument is a unique geologic wonder steeped in the Native American culture and today, the perfect fit for adventure climbers and camping lovers.

The Tower is also part of the American pop culture since it was featured in Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

Rock climbers can enjoy themselves by scaling the monolithic butte. Mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders, cross country runners and off-road enthusiasts can take advantage of trail systems that encompass 1347 acres of public land. 

Local restrictions: Gov. Mark Gordon lifted the statewide mask requirement back in March. However, some towns, as well as federal parks and lands and some business in Wyoming are allowed to enforce some COVID-19 restrictions. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

No quarantine and no tests required from local travelers

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans, Louisiana

Why travel to New Orleans – Its mix of French and Spanish architecture, multilingual heritage and live-music scene, and delicious cuisine are reasons enough to come visit at least once a year. 

Travel restrictions – As of today, there is no quarantine or other type of travel restrictions for U.S. visitors. International visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours prior to arrival according to the new federal laws.

A couple of weeks ago, New Orleans started the 3rd modified phase of its reopening plan. From April 9, the city has extended the hours alcohol can be sold in restaurants, bars, event venues, and breweries. 

Face masks are mandatory at all public spaces but it’s still lovely place to visit in 2021 during Coronavirus.

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

No quarantine and no tests required from local travelers

Missouri River
Missouri River

With more than 1,100 miles of shoreline (more than the entire California), the Lake of the Ozarks features hundreds of public beaches and lots of water activities such as fishing, skiing and swimming. 

Cities and small towns around the Lake of the Ozarks offer hundreds of vacation options including golf courses, horseback riding, boat excursions, wineries, airplane and helicopter tours, spas and shopping.

Travel restrictions – As of April 30, there are no travel restrictions in Missouri. International visitors must bring a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours upon arrival. 

Lake Powell, Arizona

No quarantine and no tests required from local travelers

This is not your typical lake. Lake Powell in Arizona is way bigger than you may think. It covers an area of more than 250 square miles. This has helped to make it attractive to tourists that every year are flocking to it to experience the Southwest.

This lake is perfect for kayaking, swimming or just exploring it by boat. Most areas do not have access to vehicles. 

Travel restrictions – There are not travel restrictions in Arizona. The local government has allowed bars and almost the rest of the business to resume normal operations and wearing a mask is not mandatory. 


No test required from local travelers – 10-day isolation period is advised

Hollywood sign, California

Why travel to California – The always great weather that allows travelers to go to the beach almost all year long, its theme parks such as Universal Studios Hollywood, Magic Mountain, Discovery Kingdom and Disneyland are enough reasons to visit this state. Additionally, who doesn’t want to go at least once in life to the Walk of Fame?

Travel Restrictions – California has taken COVID-19 seriously since the pandemic struck. However, it has recently lifted its stay-at-home order. The government still prefers to discourage out-of-state visitors to avoid a bigger spread of the virus. Quarantine is not mandatory but every single visitor will be encouraged to spend a 10-day isolation period at home or at their accommodations.

People visiting Los Angeles County must fill out this online travel form and self-quarantine for 10 days.

If following the rules, travelers shouldn’t avoid visiting California. This is one of the states that has something special for every single traveler. 

At the moment, most tourist venues are open at a reduced capacity. So, book in advance and you’ll be fine. 

Lassen Volcanic National Park, North California

Lassen Volcanic National Park, North California
Lassen Volcanic National Park, North California

Nestled in the peaceful forests and wilderness of Northern California is Lassen Volcanic National Park. This beautiful getaway is home to steaming fumaroles, boiling mud pots, wildflowers, crystal clear mountain lakes, multiple volcanoes and roaring steam vents!

A century ago, Mount Lassen erupted for the last time. Nowadays, you can hike to the summit and stand in the crater, not to mention the stunning viewpoints and miles of bike trails the park offers.

Local restrictions: Gov. Henry McMaster has issued an executive order that prohibits local governments from implementing mask mandates. Visitors do not have to quarantine upon arrival. However, State officials recommend visitors and locals to observe social distancing measures.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont
Burlington, Vermont

There is almost always something happening in Burlington. Even though this is the biggest city in Vermont, don’t expect tall buildings with streets full of stressed people. On the contrary, Burlington it’s a lively city full of art galleries and cultural attractions with car-free space lined by shops and restaurants. 

Take a walk to its great downtown and enjoy dinner, or find one of its many options for pubs and live music on the weekends. On Saturday mornings, you can’t miss the delicatessens offered at the farmers market. 

Local restrictions: Vermont has finally lifted its 14-day mandatory quarantine on arrival. However, unvaccinated travelers must bring a negative COVID test taken within three days before arriving in the state. Masks are still required in public spaces.


No entry restrictions from other US states!


Why visit Florida – Sunny sands, best beaches, blues skies, subtropical wilderness, and affordable luxury. 

Travel restrictions – Florida has no travel restrictions in place as of February 23. However, The Florida Department of Health recommends wearing a face mask if social distancing is not possible, not to go to gatherings of more than 10 people, avoid crowds, closed spaces, and close contact.

On the other hand, the COVID-19 has taken a toll on Florida. The State has had 2.1million positive cases and 33,905 deaths. 

The Dade county in Miami is going through a severe COVID-19 outbreak and the death toll remains very high. Visitors are encouraged to follow the 3 C’s in order to have a safe trip. This means, avoiding close spaces, crowded places and close-range conversations.  

On a visit to Florida, you will not only enjoy city life but also you will be entering the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

Cape San Blas, Florida

Cape San Blas features St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, a.k.a. The best beach in America. located near Port St. Joe along the Florida Panhandle’s Emerald Coast, Cape San Blas is one the best getaway paradises in Florida. 

Visitors can find all types of small restaurants, kayaking and boating services, pristine waters and uncrowded sugar-white sand beaches. 

Key West, Florida

This collection of tropical-like islands is located at the Southernmost point of Florida. The local government and Key West inhabitants have managed to recover and rebuild the tourist venues the latest hurricane destroyed, turning it into the paradise it used to be.

Adventure travelers may take a road trip from Miami to Key West. The drive takes only around 4 hours and the landscape is worth it.

Las Vegas, Nevada

No quarantine and no test from local visitors required

Roulette in las Vegas, Nevada

Why travel to Las Vegas – There are countless reasons why a traveler must visit Las Vegas. But its world class entertainment, cruise, and nightlife scene should suffice for travelers to pay it a visit. 

Travel restrictions – Las Vegas does not require domestic visitors proof of negative COVID-19 test or quarantine. However, International travelers need to submit a negative COVID-19 test result taken 72 hours prior to their arrival in Nevada. 

After lots of business closures and strict measures, Nevada has had a decrease in COVID-19 cases. Thus, Starting March 15 the State has decided to relax some of the restrictions and now there are a lot more things to do while in the State. 

  • Restaurants and bars are allowed to operate at 50% capacity. Social distancing is required.
  • Casinos, gyms, museums and other tourist venues are open for business at 50% capacity.
  • Now public gatherings are allowing up to 250 people. 
  • Brothels and adult entertainment establishments will be closed until May 1.

COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern, so wearing a face mask, both inside and outside of public places is mandatory.

Puerto Rico

No Quarantine, just bring a negative PCR test

Puerto Rico

Why travel to Puerto Rico – PR is a rare combination of diverse culture and heritage, warm people, and beautiful landscapes.

Travel restrictions – Travelers need to complete a Travel Declaration Form online (either in English or Spanish). 

Puerto Rico was excluded from the CDC requirement to provide a negative COVID-19 test result to re-entry the United States. However, local regulations demand visitors to bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours prior to arrival into PR. 

Travelers must upload their test results to their Travel Declaration Form online (links above) in order to receive an Airport Exit Confirmation Number and QR code. 

Without these two they won’t be allowed to leave the airport. Visitors do not need to quarantine. 

Mexico – Baja California, Cancun, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, Puerto Escondido

NO quarantine, no test required for US citizens!

Mexico - Best Places to Visit during Covid-19

Why visit Mexico – Its beaches, cenotes, marine life, and affordable shopping.

Travel restrictions – All countries (including US citizens) are allowed to travel to Mexico. No COVID test, quarantine, or insurance is required but you should definitely consider insurance that covers COVID-19.

Check the States that have made the Orange, Yellow and Green list. This means that in those States you will be allowed to visit hotels, restaurants, open-air parks, gyms, cinemas, theaters, museums, cultural events and more.

Consider Cancun or Baja California for your spring getaway destination. Baja has taken the lead in creating and implementing “La Ruta Turística por México (the Tourist Route through Mexico)”, to fight COVID-19 and promote tourism.


Tulum is located in Quintana Roo, one of the most touristic states of Mexico due to its beaches and Mayan civilization history. 

Since the area is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, multiple hotels have decided to offer up to a free 14-day stay to those who get the virus when in town. 

Creative, isn’t it?

Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta is currently offering American visitors on-site tests (at their hotels) to ease their returning-home process. 

The local government recommends visitors to schedule their COVID-19 as soon as possible to ensure to have it on time. Travelers who test positive for COVID-19 will need to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine at a hotel-designated room/area.

Check prices here.

Puerto Escondido

Along with beachfront resorts and uncrowded beaches, hotels and famous hostel/coworking spaces such as Selina, are offering clients assistance to book their COVID-19 tests before coming back home.

Costa Rica

No quarantine, but health insurance required for all visitors

Costa Rica

Why travel to Costa Rica – It is the perfect place for diving lovers. This country is full of wildlife natural areas such as the famous Cocos Island National Park, which is also a World Heritage site.

Travel restrictions – Costa Rican government is currently allowing travelers from all over the world. However, you will need to present proof of health insurance that covers any medical treatment and quarantine lodging. Also, fill out the new Health Pass form.

Costa Rica is no longer requesting to present the results of a negative PCR test to be allowed entry. 


No Quarantine, just bring your negative COVID-19 test


Why visit Aruba: Its turquoise sea, constant sunshine, soft white-sand beaches, surprising natural wonders to explore, and culinary delights found nowhere else in the Caribbean.

Travel restrictions: The first step to visit Aruba is to get tested for COVID-19 and upload the negative test results and other information to Aruba’s online immigration form. 

Then visitors will need to acquire mandatory COVID-19 travel insurance. If anyone fails to provide negative COVID-19 test results on arrival they will have to get tested at the airport and self-isolate until negative test results are available.

Check here for the latest update about Aruba reopening for tourists.


No Quarantine, just bring your negative PCR test

Bahamas - Places to Visit Winter 2020

Why travel to the Bahamas – Its warm weather, crystal clear waters, great shopping deals, the big all-inclusive resorts, and endless tourist activities. 

Travel restrictions – When visiting the Bahamas the first thing travelers need to do is to submit their Travel Health Visa Application.

Arrivals should not forget to bring their application confirmation and the original PCR test results with them. Airport authorities will check them before boarding and once again after landing in the Bahamas.

For further inquiries call the COVID-19 travel hotline +1 (242) 502 0829 or send a message to [email protected]

Once there, you cannot miss the duty-free shops!


14-day quarantine, and 3 negative COVID-19 tests are required 

Cuba - Place to Visit during COVID-19

Why travel to Cuba – The culture, the beaches, the food, Cubans, the traditional music, and more. 

Cuba is open to American tourists but in order to be allowed entry, visitors must submit a negative COVID-19 test result taken less than 72 hours before arrival. Upon arrival, all visitors must agree to get tested for COVID-19 at a local hospital and then, self-isolate for 5 days. On day 5th travelers will need to undergo another COVID-19 test. If they can produce a negative result they will be allowed to end the quarantine period.  

Check the full list of requirements at Travel restrictions for entering Cuba

These are some of the places travelers are allowed to visit

  • Southwest: Largo key
  • North-central: Coco, Guillermo, Cruz, and Santa María keys


No quarantine, only 1 negative COVID-19 test


Why travel to Curacao – Euro-Caribbean culture and one of the most LGBT-friendly islands in the region.

Travel restrictions – All visitors need to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken 72 hours before arrival but they do not have to quarantine.

Also, travelers need to fill out an online immigration (ED) card and complete a Health Department Passenger Locator Card prior to travel.


No quarantine, 2x test required, and health insurance


Why travel to Bermuda – The island country is a relatively safe destination for Americans to visit during COVID-19. It has only reported 1,657 cases and 14 deaths.

Travel Restrictions: All passengers need proof of a negative COVID-19 test result before departure, get a second test on arrival and wait in quarantine for 24 hours if the test comes back negative, or 14 days if it comes back positive. 

Additionally, visitors must purchase health insurance that covers any costs associated with quarantines and other COVID-19 related medical expenses when in the country. 

Visitors who have been in the U.K in the 14 days prior to arrival in Bermuda must quarantine for 4 days or after they receive their negative COVID-19 results.

Additionally, all visitors are also required to submit a Visitor Travel Authorization before departure to Bermuda.

Check here for the latest update about Bermuda reopening for tourists.

Antigua y Barbuda

14-day quarantine or $100 test!

Antigua y Barbuda

Why visit Antigua y Barbuda – These islands in between the Atlantic and the Caribbean are well known for their reefs and natural scenery. You can relax at one of their many luxurious resorts, go snorkeling, yachting, or explore nature. 

Travel restrictions –  To be admitted to Antigua and Barbuda you need to present results of a negative COVID-19 test and undergo a 14-day quarantine. Only travelers from within the regional Travel Bubble (Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Montserrat, Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, and Barbados) are exempted from the mandatory quarantine. 

Arriving passengers in quarantine may be required to wear a tracking bracelet that pairs up with the travelers phone. 

If you ask to be tested on-site (for $200 paid to the Quarantine Authority) you may be eligible to forego all quarantine measures as long as the results come back negative and quarantine authorities allow it. 

British Virgin Islands

4-day quarantine, plus multiple tests and health insurance.

British Virgin Islands

Why visit The British Virgin Islands – Whether visitors are looking to practice water sports, go on a virgin nature adventure, or simply look forward to relaxing and being pampered, they will find what their heart desires on the British Virgin Islands.

Travel restrictions – There are many requirements to enter the BVI. For starters, travelers need to apply for a Travel Authorization and upload a recent COVID-19 test result. 

Once they land on the islands they will have to present a Travel Authorization Certificate along with proof of health insurance that covers COVID-19. After that, they will also get tested twice more; once at the airport and the last one after their mandatory 4-day quarantine. 

With 153 reported COVID-19 cases and only one death to the virus, the islands are considered to pose the lowest possible risk for travelers. 


2 negative PCR tests and a 5-day quarantine

Grenada - best places to travel during covid-19

Why travel to Barbados? – This Caribbean island offers not only the customary dreamy beaches, perfect weather and a myriad of activities to enjoy, but also one of the more robust and comprehensive hospitality structures in the region. 

Travel restrictions – The United States is considered a high-risk country by multiple health organizations. Thus, American visitors -in particular- need to comply with a set of requirements. 

New entry and quarantine protocols for vaccinated travelers will take effect on May 8, click here to learn about the latest updates.

All visitors must present proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate issued by an approved lab within 3 days prior to arrival.  

Effective Feb. 3, 2021 all travelers will be required to take a rapid antigen test on arrival. 

Travelers with valid negative COVID-19 PCR test results must undergo a 5-day quarantine at a government-approved hotel and take an additional COVID-19 on day 5th. All at their own expense. 

If their results come back negative, they will be allowed to resume their trips. 

Cayman Islands

14-days quarantine required, and 2+ COVID-19 tests

Cayman Islands

Why travel to the Cayman Islands – They are probably one of the best places on earth to do snorkeling, sailing, paddleboarding, kayaking and kitesurfing thanks to crystal-clear, turquoise waters.

Travel restrictions – Visitors must undergo pre-arrival PCR testing and a mandatory 14-day quarantine. If after that period they can produce a negative COVID-19 result they will be free to resume their trip.

Americans are now allowed entry if they are dual citizens, permanent residents, Workers or their families, students, spouses, fiancés, or if they own residential property in the Cayman Islands (among other types of travelers).

Read more about travel to the Cayman Islands here. 

Dominican Republic

No Quarantine, just bring a negative PCR test 

Dominican Republic

Why travel to the Dominican Republic? – The best-connected Caribbean destination (8 international airports), beaches, modern cities, mountains, and colonial towns!

Travel restrictions – Travelers do NOT need to bring a negative COVID-19 test result to be granted access to the Dominic Republic. Starting on September 15, the government decided to remove this requirement in order to encourage tourists to visit.

Plus – Once people arrive in The Dominican Republic the government gives them a temporary free travel assistance plan that provides coverage for emergencies in case they get COVID-19 while in the country. 

The insurance plan includes medical attention by specialists, medical transfers, transfer of a relative, penalty for airfare changes, and lodging for prolonged stays among other benefits up to US $10,000.

The free travel insurance program has recently extended until March 31, 2021.

St. Maarten

No Quarantine, just bring a negative PCR test

St. Maarten

Why travel to St. Maarten – Sint Maarten has all of the wonders of a unique tropical paradise. Additionally, the entire island is duty-free so you can find great bargains on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry and electronics.

Travel restrictions – Visitors who provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken 120 hours before arrival do not need to quarantine. They only have to upload their test results to an online card prior travel Sint Maarten. Find more information here. 

Sint Maarten lifted its “shelter-in-place” policy but social distancing protocols must still be observed when in public.

US Virgin Islands

No Quarantine, just bring a negative PCR test

US Virgin Islands

Why visit the U.S Virgin Islands – Its beaches and turquoise waters, its year-round sunshine, and it’s incredibly vibrant culinary scene. 

Travel restrictions – All travelers aged 5 years or older must apply for entry through the USVI Travel Screening Portal within five days of traveling. COVID-19 test results will also need to be submitted through the portal, which will then issue a travel certification. 

Additionally, if a visitor is not able to produce a negative COVID-19 test they will need to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine or the duration of their stay, whichever is shorter, at a government-approved location at their own expense. 

Click here for further information.


Only a 4-day quarantine and a negative PCR test

Grenada - best places to travel during covid for US citizens

Why travel to Grenada: This often overlooked Caribbean island has plenty of charm to offer. From colorful towns, spice-scented markers, the mix of cultures of its people, and of course its natural scenery; it is a paradise to be discovered.

Travel restrictions – Travelers must apply for a travel authorization (link here) and get tested for COVID-19 at least 3 days before arrival. 

Upon arrival in Grenada, they must pay a one-time $150.00 USD ($410.00 XCD) test fee, which will cover their day-four test or any test taken while on Island. After that, travelers will need to quarantine for 4 days at a government-approved accommodation or until they can produce a negative test result. 

Visit Grenada’s Travel website for more info.

Tanzania – Zanzibar

No test and no quarantine

Why visit Tanzania? – Tanzania is mostly famous for its paradise called Zanzibar. This little island is literally a dream of every traveler with crystal-clear water all around.

Tanzania is one of the favorite destinations during COVID-19 in 2021 because of its relaxed travel restrictions and it’s also open for U.S. citizens.

To enter Tanzania, no test or quarantine is required, and also the local restrictions aren’t heavy. Due to Tanzania’s medical infrastructure, purchasing health insurance is highly advised. 

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