6 Best Beaches in Mississippi To Visit in May 2022
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Mississippi is an excellent Southern state to visit. Rich in history, arts, music, culture, and community, Mississippi has a thriving tourism economy. Bustling cities, a handful of small mountain ranges, the Mississippi River, and several beautiful state parks have long been big travel draws to The Magnolia State.

Although these are all wonderful reasons to visit Mississippi, one of the most overlooked enticements to the state is the picturesque beaches. At its southernmost point, Mississippi borders the Gulf of Mexico, making it optimal for beach travel.

With nearly 50 miles of scenic coastline along the Gulf, Mississippi beaches run the gamut from over-developed and bustling to quaint and peaceful. So, whether traveling with friends, for business, or with young families, there is a beach town in Mississippi for every sensibility.

There are Mississippi beaches surrounded by casinos, highrise hotels, and rampant nightlife; these beach towns make perfect destinations for party-focused travelers. However, there are also several quiet, undeveloped, peaceful beaches where visitors can spend a few days enjoying the peaceful magic of the Gulf Coast without flashy distractions.

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No matter the beach scene that travelers find most appealing, there’s a perfect Mississippi beach for everyone. Take a look at the six best beaches in Mississippi.

Best Beaches in Mississippi MAP

best beaches in mississippi map

Biloxi Beach

Stretching for nearly 26 miles along the Gulf Coast in Biloxi, Mississippi, Biloxi Beach is one of the most charming beach towns in all of the Magnolia State. Beautiful sandy beaches with epic views of a 19th-century lighthouse are just a few of the reasons visitors come from far and wide to enjoy this oasis.

Biloxi Beach is the perfect setting for relaxing in the sun, enjoying a picnic lunch, having a long walk after dinner, or a bevy of beach and sea sports. Whether traveling with an all-adult group or small children, this beach is accommodating to both demographics.

Of note, Biloxi Beach, along with many others in Mississippi, was restored following Hurricane Katrina and has remained pristinely maintained ever since. Nestled securely behind the Gulf barrier islands, the waters are always calm and inviting. Perfect for a quick cool down or entertaining little ones as they splash for hours, Biloxi Beach is a must-see if you’re traveling to Mississippi.

Known for its perfect summer climate, Biloxi Beach is consistently in the 80s and 90s during the summer months. And when the temperature heats up, so too does the water. In fact, the midsummer water temperatures can get into the 80s too.

Easily accessible from nearly anywhere along the Mississippi Coast, Biloxi Beaches are typically surrounded by ample parking, convenient amenities, and other sought-after attractions. For instance, the beaches are surrounded by famed seafood restaurants, thrilling casinos, many historical attractions, and much more.

One of the most popular beaches for its proximity to loads of entertainment and exciting attractions, Biloxi Beach is one of the top beaches to visit when in Mississippi.

Gulfport Beach

gulf porrt beach mississippi

Gulfport Beach is a sprawling white sandy seaboard running the distance from Biloxi, Mississippi to Long Beach. Centrally situated around several popular Mississippi vacation towns, Gulfport Beach is both a travel destination and a popular day-trip beach.

Gulfport Beach is vast in distance from its street entrance to the shoreline which means it never seems crowded; this is the type of beach where you can set up for the day with lots of room to spare. Perfect for relaxing activities such as sunbathing, reading a good book, or lounging with friends/family, this beach is idyllic.

In addition to being a great beach for unwinding, Gulfport Beach is also ideal for beach and watersports. Flying a kite, catching waves, beach volleyball, a good beach jog, and other activities are great ways to spend time while visiting this beach.

Gulfport Beach has many convenient amenities making it an even more desirable locale for Mississippi beachgoers. Ample parking, chair/umbrella rentals, sports rentals, and even jet ski rentals, are some of the ways a trip to Gulfport can be made better.

A brilliant place to catch a sunrise or sunset over the Gulf of Mexico’s stunning horizon, Gulfport Beach is a serene setting with warm sea breezes and picturesque views.

Furthermore, Gulfport Beach is surrounded by desirable vacation rental properties as well as hotels and motels. Surrounded by exciting casinos, wonderful restaurants, lots of entertainment, and so much more, Gulfport Beach is a top vacation destination in Mississippi.

Full of history, arts, culture, entertainment, close proximity to New Orleans, and most importantly, the warm Gulf waters, Gulfport Beach is a must-visit summer playground.

Pass Christian Beach

Pass Christian Beach

Surrounded by historically charming homes and stunning oak trees, Pass Christian Beach is one for the ages. The town’s relaxed way of life coupled with its casual feel, make this beach the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation.

Pass Christian Beach is a coastal town in every sense of the term. The beaches are utopian, the amenities are plenty, and the local attractions are welcoming.

Speaking of the beaches, they are spectacularly picturesque and inviting. The warm sugar-like sand is so lovely to stick your toes in and the views of the striking Gulf are the best way to spend a beach day in Mississippi.

A visit to Pass Christian Beach is as simple as packing a beach towel and heading to the shore. An on-site rental company has all you need to make a beach day comfortable and fun. Visitors can rent beach chairs and umbrellas as well as purchase drinks such as soda, water, and more.

In addition to the convenient amenities, visitors to Pass Christain Beach can also rent sports equipment such as volleyballs and jet skis as well as a giant Jenga game. Furthermore, there are always organized beach games and activities to keep children well-entertained.

Moreover, the beach is surrounded by boat and fishing charters, golf clubs, shooting ranges, and a historic scenic drive to name a few of the amazing adjacent ways to spend the day near Pass Christian Beach.

Situated just 10 miles from downtown Gulfport, the beach’s proximity to entertainment, arts, culture, and restaurants is unparalleled. Neighboring casinos, art galleries, antique shops, boutique shopping, and delectable local restaurants are a handful of other ways visitors to Pass Christian Beach enjoy their time.

Horn Island

horn island mississippi

When looking for a truly special beach experience in Mississippi, look no further than Horn Island. This 1-mile wide and several-miles long stretch of untouched beach is spectacular. One of the Gulf’s barrier islands, Horn Island is remote and only accessible via boat.

Luckily, boats can be easily chartered from nearby beach towns, whisking visitors away to this undeveloped, scenic beach. Once on land, visitors will experience a cerebral beach experience with sugar-white sand beaches, uninterrupted Gulf views, and natural sights from every vantage point.

Speaking of natural sights, Horn Island is home to beautiful dunes, tall pines, small palmettos, and a handful of inland lagoons. Moreover, Horn Island is rife with astounding wildlife such as ibises, manatees, pelicans, and ospreys to name a few. Migratory birds, incredible sea life, wild rabbits, and beyond can all be observed from unadulterated stretches of beach on Horn Island.

In the mid-1900s the beaches of Horn Island were used for military training ops but since that time, it has become a well-loved setting for artists and writers to draw inspiration.

The perfect setting for completely unplugging, relishing in the beauty that is the Gulf Coast, and savoring a slice of Southern, waterfront perfection, Horn Island is a must-see Mississippi beach.

Front Beach

This secluded gem of a beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi is a locals’ favorite. With ample parking up and down the beach, accessing Front Beach is a breeze.

Front Beach is a public beach with soft white sand and warm, shallow waters; these are the perfect conditions for visiting with small children who will delight in splashing in the calm shorebreak. In fact, these precise conditions make Front Beach a desirable setting for relaxing as opposed to intense water/beach sports.

Another fun pastime at Front Beach is crabbing; as visitors stroll the beach, scurrying blue crabs can be hand-caught for sport or food. Additionally, the neighboring Ship Island can be accessed and toured via a short swim or ferry ride.

Flanked by adjacent walking/running paths as well as beautiful seaside piers, Front Beach is a perfect place to enjoy spectacular Gulf views. Shaded areas and intermittent seating areas are perfect for reveling in the views, enjoying a cup of java, or reading a favorite book. Front Beach is also a popular setting for catching epic sunsets.

Another interesting sight to enjoy while you’re at Front Beach is the beautiful marine-inspired mural depicting the colorfully painted Ocean Springs Bridge. The bridge itself is a marvel and only a short walk from Front Beach. Take a break from the beach with a short jaunt to admire both the architecture and artistry represented at the bridge.

Surrounded by charming cottage rentals and hotels just a short drive away, this slice of paradise is proximal to exceptional accommodations.

Summarily, Front Beach is a quaint and quiet Mississippi shore town that is quiet, beautiful, and welcoming. A perfect spot to spend a relaxing vacation and live for a few days like the locals, Front Beach is a must-do.

Waveland Beach

Waveland Beach MIssissippi

This small Gulf-side beach is nicknamed “The Hospitality City,” so visitors can expect the warmest of welcomes and the most pleasant of stays. One of the things that give Waveland Beach such a cozy feeling is an ordinance that has banned the construction of commercial buildings. As such, the shoreline of Waveland Beach is unobstructed and picturesque.

Although Waveland Beach is short on amenities, it’s a cherished gem to locals. The no-frills environment means that the beaches are less crowded and the simplicity of the beach and the Gulf can be enjoyed for their inherent worth.

Loved by locals and visitors alike for its nature-based activities such as walking, bird watching, fishing, crabbing, and kayaking, Waveland is a wonderful place to experience all the Gulf coast has to offer.

Adjacent to Waveland Beach is the popular Garfield Pier where night strolls, pier fishing, and catching an epic sunset, are all much-loved pastimes.

Also near to the public beach, is Buccaneer State Park, which comprises more than 300 acres of beachfront property. Within the park, there’s a waterpark, hundreds of campsites suitable for both tent and RV camping, a disc golf course, a lovely nature trail, and plentiful opportunities for nature observance.

Furthermore, although Waveland Beach is more of a local’s oasis, all the more desirable for a low-key relaxing vacation, the town is home to some truly amazing eateries. An authentic Jamaican joint, a sports bar or two, quaint cafes, an awesome bakery, and several fresh seafood restaurants, can all be found on this little-more-than-13-mile stretch of paradise.

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