Australian Covid Pass Not Recognized by 7 EU Countries
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  • Post published:27/11/2021
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After being locked down for close to two years, vacation-starved Australians disappointingly listened to the news that 6 countries in the EU would not accept their COVID-19 passports.

France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Austria and Netherlands rejected Australia’s vaccine passport system as not stringent enough to protect their countries from the possibility of imported COVID-19 infections.

Just recently, Italy made the EU vaccine pass mandatory for all indoor activities and banned all unvaccinated from entering hotels, restaurants, etc.

Australians may still enter the EU. To do so, they will need a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hours of their departure. They will also need to get an EU COVID-19 passport.

Without an EU COVID-19 passport, Australian citizens visiting Europe may not enter tourist attractions, retail stores, restaurants or most other public venues. The EU COVID-19 pass consists of a QR code people can save on their phones.

To get the EU COVID-19 passport, Australians can show proof of receiving two vaccinations, proof of a negative PCR test or proof of COVID-19 infection in the past six months.

In early November, Australia finally reopened its borders to international travel. The country prohibited non-essential international travel for more than 600 days.

The first group of international guests allowed into Australia consisted of vaccinated New Zealand residents. The Australian government permitted the travelers to enter the country after showing negative COVID-19 tests and proof of their vaccination history.

On November 21, Australia opened its borders to travelers from Singapore, the UK, United States and 10 other countries. Travelers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and take a COVID-19 test upon entry into Australia.

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