Best Travel Backpack To Carry With Comfort
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Let me start by telling you the fact that there’s is no perfect backpack, to each his own but with my vast experience in traveling I look for some special features and qualities in the backpack so I have created the list of the best travel backpack to carry with comfort.

Backpack Or Suitcase

I always prefer a backpack than a carry on luggage because it is easy to carry. If you travel to some areas where there is a restricted transport facility you can easily carry a backpack and you are ready to go.

There are so many brands in the market that we get really get confused as to which one amongst these are the best so what we do we research on google and again get a lot of articles on the same topic and each article gives 10-15 travel back options so we again get confused.

First, we have to understand what are the essential qualities of backpack and our own requirement.

Essentials for Best Backpack

What Size of Backpack-Depend on the duration of the travel. If you are traveling for a long trip buy a big size 60L backpack which can be used for all your essential travel belongings like your clothes, gadgets, laptop, shoes, and other things, so the quality has to be top-notch because it will become heavy.

Water-Resistant– This is a very important feature of the backpack because we travel to so many places and each of these places has a different climatic condition so if it rains somewhere and you have a charger and laptop in your bag, it will be damaged.

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Best Travel Backpack

Easy to unpack and pack-This can be overlooked sometimes when you make a purchase, but it is an essential factor in the backpack. Make sure it has zippers for different compartments.

When I bought my first backpack I overlooked this feature and it caused me a lot of trouble because I could not find my things easily.

A good quality backpack is made keeping this in mind. I always prefer the front loading backpack as it is easier to find things. They open like a suitcase and everything is organized. It is easier to pack and unpack.

Elastic Water Bottle Pocket-Again this is very important if you are trekking or in safari water is not easily accessible so having an elastic water bottle pocket will take care of your need.

Padded Straps-Sometimes we have to walk for long distances and if you have better quality padded shoulder straps it will be really comfortable for the journey.

Quality of the material-You do not purchase a backpack every 2-3 months so the most important quality of the backpack is it should last for a long time without any wear and tear.

Hip Strap-The weight should be evenly distributed especially for a long journey so if you have a hip belt your back will not have to carry the entire burden.

Sternum Strap -Make sure the sternum strap is elasticated because it works as a cushion when you walk, sternum strap is a chest strap between the shoulders and helps in the equal distribution of weight.

Carry on Handle– This really helps when you are not carrying a backpack on your back.

Here is the list of

9 Best Carry- On Travel Backpacks

1.Gregory Baltoro 65L Pack

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Hip belt and shoulder strap for stability

Elastic pocket for water bottle

Lumbar foam layering for comfort

Waist belt pockets

Security pocket with zippers

On shoulder harness attached sunglass stash

It is one of the best travel backpack with luggage straps.

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2.Osprey Packs 70 Best Travel Backpack For Men

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Sliders are lockable

Stowaway back panel

Large panel zip that has access to the main compartment

For day trips detachable daypack is given which helps in extra storage

High-quality travel backpack which lasts longer


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It is one of the best carryon backpack.

3. Nomatic Travel Pack

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Perimieter zipper is used for added security

All zippers are waterproof

Can be expanded from 20L to 30L

Water bottle pockets have magnetic snaps that make it look slimmer

Pockets for phone, laptop, keys, charger, etc

It is one of the best business travel backpack that can be used for business trips


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4.Thule 40L Small Travel Backpack

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Especially designed to maximize the storage space

Can be converted easily from shoulder bag to backpack

Can be opened like a suitcase

Separate compartment to keep dirty clothes

Cash stash pocket is hidden but can be accessed easily

It is one of the best 40L backpack.

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5.Osprey Pack Aerial AG 65 Travel Backpack For Women

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The top lid can be converted to day lid daypack

Hip belt pockets with zippers

Sleeping Bag compartment with zippers

Large zip which helps in accessing the main compartment

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6.Gregory 53L Backpack

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Waist belt pockets

Front U zipper access

Hipbelt and should harness to give comfort

Front bucket pocket with rain cover


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7.Osprey 85 AG Backpack

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The versatile design makes it easy to carry a laptop and a camera

Strech Mesh Pocket

Easy access to main Component


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8.Eagle Creek 40L

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Paddled shoulder straps

Laptop sleeve in the main compartment

Backpanel and hip belt for comfort

Split packing compartments for organized packing

9.Osprey Backpack 55

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Heat embossed pocket

Dual compression straps

Lockable compartment for laptop

Zip access to the primary compartment

The above list is the best backpack guide for travelers and you can select the size as per your requirements.

If you want to add more to this list feel free to add in the comments below.


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Best Business Travel Backpack

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Best Travel Daypack

I would say Aer Flight Pack 2 .It is a premium quality mid size daypack perfect for day outing.

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