Canada To Requite Domestic Air Travelers To Be Fully Vaccinated from October 30
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  • Post published:10/10/2021
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Canada will require all train, cruise, and air travelers to present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 from Oct. 30, announced the federal government Wednesday. 

The measure will cover people 12 and older, flying through at all Canadian airports, VIA Rail or Rocky Mountaineer trains, and cruise ships. The measure already applies all to international arrivals. 

As each province only manages its own residents’ vaccination records, the government is creating a new system that will help them verify everyone’s vaccination status across provinces. 

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Canada Primer Minister has stated his administration is working with local governments to standardize vaccination cards in a unified format so travelers can also use them to unlock access to restaurants and gyms as well as for international travel. 

This vaccination policy has been also extended to federal public servants. Those must submit their vaccination cards before Oct. 29 or face consequences. 

In fact, only those who properly apply for a medical or religious exemption could be allowed to avoid the measure.

“Vaccines are the best way to keep each other safe. Requiring travelers and employees to be vaccinated ensures that everyone who travels and works in the transportation industry will better protect each other and keep Canadians safe,” said the Minister of Transport.

Travel companies have until October 30 to implement protocols that ensure all their employees are fully vaccinated. 

Those who refuse to get immunized without a valid reason will be placed on administrative leave with no pay beginning Nov. 15. 

This includes home-based workers. Additionally, they will not qualify for Employment Insurance (EI).

“Public servants, have already done their part and gotten their shots… We have enough doses in Canada for every person to be fully vaccinated across the country, so I encourage all Canadians who haven’t been vaccinated to book their shot today,” said Prime Minister. 

As of today, more than 29,274,956 Canadians have received at least one dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or AstraZeneca vaccines. And 27,264,239 people have received a full course of a vaccine.

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