Chile will not open borders for tourism until at least June 15
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Chile is open only for nationals, resident permit holders and essential workers. Travelers must bring a negative PCR test, health insurance that covers COVID-19 and undertake a 10-day quarantine at a government-approved transit hotel. 

Travelers whose flight originated in Brazil will need to get retested on arrival and they will be moved to a temporary residence until a negative result is made available.

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Disclaimer: Travel restrictions and governmental regulations can change rapidly and the information below might be outdated within a few hours. Therefore, double-check all information with your embassy or on official websites. Traveling Lifestyle does not take any responsibility for your decision to travel.

Chile Reopening Borders – LATEST UPDATES


June 11 – Chile to extend full lockdown in 16 cities from June 12

Chile is set to extend full lockdown in 16 cities including the capital Santiago, due to a spike in Covid-19 infections, which have exceeded a total of 1.4 million cases over the last few days. 

Chile leads one the more successful vaccination campaigns in the world. However, around 77% percent of the new cases have not received the full two doses of the vaccine.  

“We’ve seen the number of cases stabilize in the country, but we’re particularly concerned about the Metropolitan Region,” […] “We’re also very concerned about the availability of hospital beds in Santiago as winter gets close,” said Ministry of Health’s Deputy Paula Daza at a press conference. 

For now, the government has decided to impose a full lockdown in Santiago’s Metropolitan area from June 12 at 5:00 a.m. 

(Source: Bloomberg)

May 27 – Chile will remain closed for tourism until June 15

Chilean authorities have announced that the border closure imposed some weeks ago will continue to be enforced at least until June 15.

The government is determined to control the spread of the virus especially in highly segregated zones of Santiago where social factors propel the pandemic in an economically vulnerable society “with high levels of income inequality,” according to Science Magazine. 

But not everything is bad news. Effective May 25, fully vaccinated Chileans and residents will be allowed to travel interstate. 

(Source: Reuters)

Update April 22 – Chile to close for tourism and to strengthen entry restrictions

Chile is currently running the most successful and the fastest vaccination campaign in the continent and one the best in the world. 

However, a recent “still-not-clear” rapid spread of infections even considering that more than one-third of its population has received at least the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, has set off the alarm in countries such as Israel and the U.K. where governments have also started to lift restrictions. 

Thus, as of now, only Chilean people and legal residents are allowed entry under severe restrictions (see below). Additionally, they can’t leave the country until further notice. 

Entry restrictions and requirements

As of today, the few allowed travelers must,

  • Fill out the Affidavit for Travelers to Prevent Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19), 48 hours before departure.
  • Submit to proof of a negative PCR test before boarding or undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.
  • Show proof of health insurance that covers COVID-19 for USD$30.000 at least.

COVID-19 in Chile

COVID-19 cases in Chile

As of June 11, the country has reported 1,453,478 positive cases and 30,339 deaths.

Chile Reopening Plan


“Paso a Paso’ (Step by Step) is the reopening plan for Chile. Each neighborhood within Chile is on its own step by step phase of reopening depending on how cases are advancing within each location.

The four steps are (with Paso 1 being the most severe and Paso 5 being the least):

  • Paso 1 (Step 1) – Quarantine (red)
  • Paso 2 (Step 2) – Transition (orange
  • Paso 3 (Step 3) – Preparation (yellow)
  • Paso 4 (Step 4) – Initial opening (blue)
  • Paso 5 (Step 5) – Advance opening (not shown)
Chile map

COVID-19 Testing in Chile

These tests are available at all hospitals and clinics, both public and private, and they are available to anyone whether or not you have symptoms.

However, unless you have a Chilean healthcare plan, you will have to pay out of pocket for a test.

Tourism in Chile


Now that vaccines are starting to paint Chile’s epidemiologic situation in a different light many travelers have started gathering ideas for when they can visit this amazing country.

Between hiking and wine-tasting, there are an endless variety of local attractions. Some must-dos include taking a trip to Easter Island, visiting the Atacama Desert, enjoying the local cuisine, viewing street art in Valparaiso and spending some time in Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Spanish version: Chile reabre sus fronteras para el turismo

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