Delaware Ranked As One Of The Best Places For Remote Work In The U.S.
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According to the personal finance website WalletHub, Delaware is one of the best states for remote work.

The site measured each state and the District of Columbia against several key metrics, though it also considered a few other factors, like cost of living.

Delaware took third place, behind only New Jersey and the District of Columbia.

These are the metrics WalletHub deemed most important:

  • Lowest versus highest internet cost
  • Lowest versus highest average retail price of electricity
  • Highest versus lowest cybersecurity
  • Highest versus lowest percentage of households with internet access
  • Highest versus lowest share of potential telecommuters
  • Highest versus lowest share of population working from home before COVID-19
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Delaware wasn’t one of the best five in any of the above categories. Nonetheless, it wasn’t near the bottom in any area.

WalletHub used a weighted average to consider all metrics when scoring states.

Its work-from-home virtues allowed it to surpass states that shined in some areas but scored poorly in others.

For instance, Massachusetts had the highest rate of internet access, but it also had a high average retail price of electricity, putting it two spots below Delaware’s third place.

New Hampshire ranked highest for cybersecurity but had exorbitant internet costs, which helped bump it down to a mediocre 25th place.

Other metrics WalletHub used are as follows:

  • Median square footage per person per household
  • Share of detached housing units
  • Average home square footage
  • Share of for-sale homes with lots greater than 1,000 square feet
  • Share of for-sale homes with swimming pools

Remote jobs first became commonplace because the COVID-19 pandemic forced many employees to stay home. Nonetheless, its relevance doesn’t look like it will decline any time soon.

Working from home offers unbeatable convenience for many employees, and businesses have had to adapt as many workers refuse to return to the office.

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