Delta Is Testing A New Biometric Technology to Speed Up Airport Hustle
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  • Post published:29/10/2021
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Delta Air Lines is launching a first-of-its-kind pilot program implementing biometrical technology that promises to streamline the out-and-out boarding process.

As the tourism industry braces for what may be its busiest travel season since the coronavirus pandemic struck, the new technology will roll out at Atlanta’s Hartsfield – Jackson International Airport and at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport from Nov. 3.

Ranjan Goswami, Delta’s senior vice president for customer experience, thinks the primary objective of this new technology isn’t merely to make the process faster and safer but also less unpleasant.

“In today’s world where every minute of our life is scheduled, I think people want to make sure that we at Delta are respecting their time and finding all the opportunities to reduce the time that it takes for them to get on board the airplane,” he told a news outlet.

Face recognition and contactless technology has the potential to become the future of travel in the United States and throughout the world, particularly in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.

How does it work?

As per experts, this technology looks to be rather user-friendly.

  • Express bag drop

Once at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the sole kind of identification required by tourists is their own face.

They should approach the screen next to the express bag drop to be taken a picture (with no mask on). Officers somewhere else will confirm if they match the customs database.

Right after, they will next be instructed to place their luggage on the belt while the software runs their passport number, which is their customs profile.

If everything checks out, a few seconds later it will print their bag tags.

  • Boarding

The boarding process is quite similar to the bag drop. The passenger removes their mask to have their face identified once more, and if it matches the manifest, they are free to go. 

The process takes seconds. 

For the time being, the trial service will be limited to Delta SkyMiles members with US passports who are eligible for TSA PreCheck.

In the future, Delta plans to expand the service to include some European passport holders who already have PreCheck or Global Entry.

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