Fiji reopening for tourism could be delayed as coronavirus cases soar
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Fiji is closed to all types of travelers no matter their visa or resident permit status. 

Back in January, the government announced the launching of a new risk management strategy called “Care Fiji Commitment” to ensure the safety of visitors “for when we can welcome international travelers again.”

Fiji Reopening for tourism – Latest updates


July 9 – Fiji reopening could be delayed as coronavirus cases soar

Back in May, Fijian authorities warned they would not reopen for tourism until the country managed to count zero COVID-19 cases. It seemed to be achievable during the weeks to come, but instead, the nation is now seeing the worst spike in coronavirus cases since the pandemic started.    

“Sadly we are seeing people with the severe disease die at home or on the way to the hospital before our medical teams have a chance to administer what could potentially be life-saving treatment,” Fiji’s Ministry for Health said in an email.

As of today, Fiji has reported 9,521 COVID-19 total cases. The second wave of coronavirus has taken 40 lives and the current number of average infections has reached more than 500.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

June 22 – Fiji’s Trans-Tasman travel bubble opening may suffer a setback as COVID-19 cases doubled

A few weeks ago, the New Zealand and Australian Prime Ministers announced that there was “a real possibility” to expand the Trans-Tasman travel bubble to Fiji as soon as it overcame “the difficult times.”

Unfortunately, the “difficult times” are becoming harder for Fijians.

Fiji’s Covid-19 cases continue to double as medical authorities confirmed another 166 positive patients over the last 24 hours.

For now, Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum announced the government will focus on getting citizens back to work while fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

(Source: FijiVillage News)

June 8 – Fiji could be included in the Trans-Tasman travel bubble 

The Trans-Tasman Bubble is the exclusive travel agreement between New Zealand and Australia that allows nationals from both countries to travel back and forth without quarantine. 

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently met to discuss allowing quarantine-free travel to other countries in the Pacific Ocean including Fiji. 

Although there is not a set date for the travel bubble launching, PM Morrison told reporters “this is a real possibility.”

Fiji is going through a “difficult time” but Australia is helping the nation. Both Prime Ministers would also include Vanuatu, Tonga and the Solomon Islands.

(Source: TD News)

May 25 – Fiji airlines to cancel all types of domestic and international flights

Fiji has been thoroughly ready to safely reopen for tourism for months, but since it highly depends on regional partners like New Zealand and Australia to borrow their airports, international tourism has been almost 100% canceled since the pandemic began.

Due to a mild spike in COVID-19 cases back in April, all, but cargo flights were suspended. 

Last week, Fiji Airways and Fiji Link had to cancel all their passenger and repatriation flights, at least, until May 30. Cargo flights remain operational. 

“We sincerely apologize if your flight has been cancelled as a result of the restrictions now in place in Fiji. The cancellations are beyond the control of both airlines, and are in place in the interest of safety of customers, staff and the general public. […] the status of domestic and international repatriation flights beyond 30 May 2021 will be determined later in line with Fijian Government updates and directives,” said Fiji Airways in a public statement. 

(Source: FijiSun)

May 9 – Fiji will not open to any visitors until they have 0 COVID-19 cases

Fiji will not be taking any international passengers until they have no Covid-19 in the community, said a Fiji’s Government representative at a press conference last week.

The country decided to ban all international flights from April 22. Only Fijians traveling for medical procedures or those with special approval granted by the Health Ministry will be allowed entry. And, according to Health Secretary Dr. James Fong, this new restriction will not end anytime soon. 

“We are not labelling countries as high-risk or low-risk – we simply are not taking passengers from any countries at all. Said Fong.

April 15 – Fiji’s Bula Bubble suffers setback

As it is well known, Fiji depends on New Zealand and Australia’s international airports to bring back tourists to the country. 

Unfortunately, neither the Australian nor New Zealand governments feel confident enough to allow international tourists to use their land as a transit path to the Fiji Islands.

Fiji’s government has said that 320 days with no cases reported in the community should be proof enough the country is safe to reopen its borders through the Bula Bubble scheme.

However, the Australian government has said they wouldn’t be confident enough to open a travel corridor with Fiji until Australians can “suppress” COVID-19.On the other hand, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said earlier this week that several concerns should be addressed before a travel bubble could go ahead.

February 6 – Fiji’s reopening strategy

Fiji has recently announced a new reopening strategy that includes a new careFIJI smartphone app that uses non-tracking Bluetooth technology to capture visitor details and help identify any potential COVID-19 cases. 

The country has also set up a number of local testing and isolation facilities, drop-in centers for tourists who might feel sick and an emergency phone number. 

Fiji’s reopening date remains uncertain.

Is Fiji open for tourists?

No. Fiji is closed to all international arrivals. 

When is Fiji reopening its borders for the rest of travelers? 

Hard to tell. Fiji depends on their bigger neighbors New Zealand and Australia’s airports to serve international travelers with connecting flights. 

Are Americans allowed to visit Fiji?

American visitors need to follow the same rules as other nationalities, which mean they will not be allowed in the country unless they are residents in Fiji, or they possess a valid work permit. For those who believe to qualify, they can officially request permission to travel on this email [email protected]

Fiji’s travel requirements and restrictions


Returning nationals are required to quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 14 days at their own expense, and only locals can quarantine at home.

All travelers will be tested for COVID-19 at their own expense too. 

Contact Fiji Immigration for specific inquiries about this process.

COVID-19 in Fiji

Fiji is currently seeing its first coronavirus outbreak since the pandemic began. As of today, the island country has 9,521 active cases and 51 deaths.

COVID-19 cases in Fiji

Fiji fighting COVID, Leptospirosis and Dengue fever

With only a couple of deaths to COVID-19, Fiji is not exactly fighting the same pandemic crisis the world is currently facing. 

However, not everything is good for Fijians. The government has reportedly urged citizens to beware of potential leptospirosis, measles, typhoid and dengue fever outbreaks.  

Restrictions at the airport

Fiji, airport.

All domestic, international and repatriation flights have been canceled until May 30 (inclusive).

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