Flight Bookings Between US and EU Surge 40% After Reopening Announcement
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  • Post published:29/09/2021
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Earlier this week, American authorities lifted the 20-month-long travel ban for airline passengers arriving from the UK, Iran, Ireland, China, India, South Africa, Schengen and Brazil. Lufthansa, the largest airline in Germany, revealed that flight bookings spiked by 40% after the announcement.

Beginning of November, travelers with proof of vaccination for COVID-19 may enter the United States. Importantly, European travelers to the USA will enjoy a wide selection of flights for the upcoming holiday season.

According to Lufthansa Group, the flight schedules between the USA and Europe will expand to include more options. Travelers may book their flights now.

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr noted that the lifting of travel restrictions provides relief for the airline. The airline industry suffered financial shock when countries imposed severe travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

lufthansa airplane landing

Spohr remarked that in November, friends and families can reconnect, deepen their relationships and reestablish themselves.

To facilitate smooth travels, the EU implemented a special COVID-19 certificate. This digital check-in option through Lufthansa reduces wait times and makes airport processes go more smoothly.

The new check-in system allows passengers with a valid vaccination record or certificate of COVID-19 recovery to show the documentation on their smartphone. The QR codes eliminate the need for paper documents.

Lufthansa also announced that passengers must wear surgical masks or other valve-free masks on their flights. Passengers may not wear fabric masks on Lufthansa flights.

lufthansa airplane moving through the airport.

The EU commission explained that the EMA-approved vaccines fulfill all American requirements for vaccination rules. However, vaccines listed by the World Health Organization as emergency-use only hold a questionable approval status for the current American entry guidelines.

EU authorities hope that the US will clarify its international traveler guidelines regarding the accepted brands of vaccine for visitors. Lufthansa and EU transportation experts hope the changes will facilitate a turnaround for the travel industry.

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