Florida Tourism Expected To Surge This Winter After International Reopening
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  • Post published:30/09/2021
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Florida expects a huge influx of international travelers following Biden’s administration’s announcement about easing Covid-19 restrictions from early November. 

With international travel forming a significant portion of the tourism economy, the return of international travelers from the UK and other European top tourists markets to popular Florida holiday destinations is expected to breathe life into the already struggling hospitality industry as the world emerges from the grips of the pandemic.

According to the federal officials’ announcements made on Monday, September 20, all international visitors traveling to the United States should provide solid proof of having been fully vaccinated before boarding a flight to the US. 

The travelers will also be required to show a negative Covid-19 test taken not more than three days before boarding a flight.

South Beach, Miami, Florida

In 2019, Florida received an impressive 10.8 million international travelers, according to Visit Florida. However, the number dramatically shrunk by 74% to about 2.8 million in 2020 due to the pandemic.  

But, with the new regulations expected to take effect in November, the Orlando businesses relying on international visitors are headed for a rebound. 

The anticipated new guidelines have been widely welcomed, with many thrilled at the looming business boom in just weeks away. Some businesses are already seeing an uptick in the 2022 reservations bookings. 

Central Florida has been receiving tons of visitors from overseas due to the incomparable theme parks that resumed operations last summer after a brief closure due to Covid-19 guidelines.

Most parks in Florida have relaxed their guidelines since reopening, while others like Disney World still require all their guests to wear face masks. 

While opening the US for international guests will bring back the massive opportunity that hospitality businesses have missed for about 18 months, the return of international visitors to central Florida could be affected by the Delta variant concerns. Some visitors might choose to wait for a while before making a trip. 

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