How to enter the U.S. from Europe right now (during the pandemic)
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  • Post published:05/08/2021
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No matter what you have heard on the news, entering the U.S. as a European resident is possible right now while the U.S. border is closed to EU-outbound flights. 

All over the internet, you can see Europeans trying to figure out how to make it to the U.S. as a German, Briton, Italian, and so on. The cold truth is that you can’t. 

Although most European countries reopened their borders to American visitors on July 1, the U.S. has not returned the favor yet, and what is worse, Biden’s administration has repeatedly stated that welcoming Europeans back it’s not a priority amid the coronavirus surge across the EU bloc.

Good news first, there is a way around it. Not very cool news second, this trip will not take the usual comfortable 8-12 pre-pandemic hours but at least 15 days.

It may sound disappointing and expensive but it can actually turn into an adventurous and affordable experience. 

So, for all Europeans who had put their trips on hold indefinitely, there is a way to enter the U.S. if crossing the border through a Mexican, Colombian, or Costa Rican airport as well as any other Latin American country that is open for tourism but Brazil. 

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Although there are multiple options, your best bet is Mexico because it has virtually zero entry restrictions and it’s the closest country to the U.S.

As insane as it sounds the U.S. allows in visitors who, regardless of their nationality or vaccination status, can demonstrate they have spent the last 14 days in these territories.

While enjoying Playa del Carmen, Cancun or the rest of the internationally celebrated Riviera Maya, plan the final details to enter the U.S.  

Federal U.S. laws require all travelers arriving from abroad to get tested for COVID-19 3 days prior to flying even if they’re vaccinated. Proof of recovery from COVID-19 is also accepted. 

Since you cannot take your test back home because remember, it has to be completed 3 days prior traveling, you’ll probably need to navigate the Mexican (or other foreign) healthcare system to get tested.

There is also another way around it, there are multiple Mexican hotels offering packages including free COVID-19 tests or in-situ tests at a reduced cost. 

But what would happen if you test positive and get sick with COVID-19 before crossing the border? Easy, you won’t be allowed in. 

In that case, purchasing an insurance plan that covers COVID-19 is highly recommendable, not only because those cover the medical treatments, but also because you can obtain a refund for flight cancellations. 

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