Is Belize Safe To Travel? A Comprehensive Guide
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I love traveling. Period! I can travel throughout the year and still crave more but the most important factor for me is, is the destination safe? I saw a video that had amazing things to say about Belize but my concern was, Is Belize safe to travel?

Located in Central America, Belize is really spectacular and consists of 450 offshore islands, be it Belize Barrier Reef or amazing wildlife or Latin culture or Belizean cuisine it has got everything.

But I don’t take any travel decisions without knowing the pros and cons so as usual, I did thorough research and then packed my bag to visit Belize.

Belize is safe for tourists. Over 1.5 million visitors come to Belize every year and the numbers are consistent and that shows it is safe to travel Belize. Belize tourism is increasing every year.

But I would suggest a few most important tips for you which you should consider when you visit this wonderful place.

Is Belize Safe To Visit? Find 17 Belize Safety Tips

1.Choose The Right Place

Like everywhere else there are certain areas where it is safe to go and there are places that are better avoided.

Caye Caulker, Placencia, Hopkins, Ambergris Caye, San Pedro are the safest places in Belize. The other places which are considered safe are Corozal District and Cayo. Corozal Town offers some amazing Belizean cuisine. On the other hand places like the Guatemala border, Dangriga Town should be avoided.

2.No Drugs

The drug is a strict no-no. Never indulge in drugs here. Buying and selling drugs is strictly prohibited and illegal, there are harsh punishable laws for offenders.

3.Stay In Well Reviewed Hotel

Whether you are planning to stay in a hotel or hostel make sure you research the details properly because there are a number of theft or stolen cases.

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4. Avoid Isolated Places

Stay where the crowd is. If you don’t want a quiet place, be in your hotel but never be in an isolated area. You will be a prey to muggers.

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5. Don’t Carry Expensive Items

When you are out don’t wear expensive accessories or don’t carry too much cash, use a credit card instead. Even on the beach don’t leave your stuff unattended.

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6.Travel Insurance

is belize safe

Buy good travel insurance that covers you from all unfortunate incidents like theft, accident, injury.

7.Street Food

Street food is safe,fresh and delicious .I tried it and loved it.

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8. Taxis

Taxi is safe for travelers and has a green number plate. But I would suggest a companion with a solo female tourist. There is no meter system so negotiate the fare before you hop in.

9.Don’t Engage With Prostitutes

It is completely illegal and they are victims of sex trafficking.

10. Don’t Travel At Night

Don’t travel on buses at night and try to keep all your outgoing activities during the day.

11. Be Careful From Spiders

Wild spiders are very poisonous and they are aplenty here, so be alert all the time. Zika is a mosquito-borne virus and it is a concern in Belize so keep a mosquito repellent, cover your hands and legs with clothes.

12.Drinking Water

Though tap water is safe I would recommend bottled water.

13.Cash over $10000bzd

If you are traveling with cash over $10000bzd you have to inform the custom and immigration department.

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14.Police and Emergency

The police hotline number is 911. For Belize Emergency Response Team click here.

15.Water Taxis

Water Taxis usually have no life jackets and are often overcrowded so make your decision smartly.

16. STEP

Get yourself enrolled in STEP(Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) to get yourself traced in case of an emergency and to receive alerts.

17.Be Careful When You are Visiting ATM

If someone tries to rob you don’t fight, they may be armed.

Tip-Keep reviewing the safety report after regular intervals. The water ferries are safe here.

Is Belize Safe To Travel Alone?

Yes, it is safe to travel alone for females and males both but make sure you remember the above tips. In fact, I have hitchhiked a number of times.

Is Belize Safe For Families?

I have seen and met a number of families from different parts of the world and asked their experiences and they all nodded in affirmative.

Healthcare In Belize

Healthcare service is considered poor but it is gradually improving. Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is the best hospital in Belize.

What To Do In Belize

1.Great Blue Hole

is belize safe
Great Blue Hole tofoli.douglas/flickr

A UNESCO world heritage site Great Blue hole is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling. I would suggest taking a view from a helicopter, it looks spectacular.


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2.Belize Barrier Reef

The world’s second-largest coral reef is 300km long is a hit among tourists and it is a series of coral reefs.

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3.Ambergris Caye

The largest island in Belize is Ambergris Caye. Located near Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker is Hol Chan marine reserve, it is very popular among divers.

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4.Caye Caulker

is belize safe
Caye Caulkar

Apart from being a hot spot for scuba diving, fishing, sailing, Caye Caulker has some good hotels and restaurants.

5.Placencia Peninsula

is belize safe

It is a narrow Peninsula, really spectacular. Hopkins and Seine Bight are the places to watch out for.

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6.Belize Zoo

is belize safe
Belize Zoo

Home to over 40 species Belize Zoo is one of the most sought after tourist spots. It reminds you of wildlife preserve. It is also called the “best little zoo in the world”.


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7.Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

It is an archaeological site known for stalactites and stalagmites, considered as a sacred cave.

8.The Museum Of Belize

The Museum gives the historical facts of Belize, paintings, and other artifacts. It is located in Belize City.

9.Cerros Sands

A lot of expats live in Cerros Sands. There is a golf course, beautiful beach resort, yacht club and amazing restaurants.

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Belize Food

1.Bistro-Maya Beach Hotel

With an open-air view, this restaurant serves the best lobster. Rabbit pot pie is another famous dish here. It has been named Belize’s restaurant of the year twice. Layered veggies and coconut shrimp are my favorites.

Address -Maya Beach,Placencia, Ph-5016274718

2.Chef Rob’s Gourmet Cafe

Run by top chef Rob this restaurant offers a fine dining experience. Located in beachfront this restaurant serves a variety of seafood, Belizean and American dishes.

Visit the website

3.Elvi’s Kitchen

For Caribbean dishes, you must visit Elvi’s kitchen. It is famous for conch soup and fitters. Crab claws and fried chicken are the other two famous dishes.

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4.Nahil Mayab

It serves a variety of pasta and steaks. The ambience is smooth and relaxed. I had the popular tacos arracheras(steak) and it was yummy.

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5.Palapa Bar And Grill

A trip to Belize is incomplete without visiting Palapa Bar and Grill. it serves some exotic drinks. I loved “Shot Stick”, a popular drink here. Sausage dip is a must for any food lover.

Visit the website

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With so many things to do and amazing places to visit Belize is certainly one of the most sought after places in Central America

Belize travel experience was memorable for me. I would love to go back again.

Enjoy your visit and let me know I would love to share it with my readers.

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