Is it SAFE to travel to ARUBA right now during COVID? (August 2021)
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On August 6, Aruba has reported 262 new cases of coronavirus, the highest daily average. Even though the numbers have been decreasing since then, the CDC has added Aruba to its ‘very high level of COVID-19’ list. Therefore, traveling to Aruba should be reconsidered these days. Also, some safety measures are being re-introduced.

Nonetheless, Aruba is open to all visitors (excluding the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Haiti). All incomers have to present a negative Molecular COVID-19 test before travel. The ones who don’t comply with the entry measures will undergo the test at the airport immediately after arrival, followed by a mandatory quarantine at their accommodation until they receive the results.

All foreigners traveling to Aruba also have to purchase the Aruba Visitors Insurance. It covers any incurred medical and non-medical expenses related to COVID-19. 

Stats & current COVID-19 situation in Aruba

Up to date (August 10), Aruba has reported 12,639 positive cases of coronavirus and 111 deaths caused by the virus. 

At the moment, COVID-19 infections in Aruba are at their peak. There are 874 active cases and an average of 88 new contagions daily.

As of August 7, all establishments must close by midnight at the latest. There is also a temporary alcohol ban at certain public places, including beaches, parks, and parking lots, unless they are licensed establishments.

Masks must be worn in any public space and in all private facilities that require them.

Vaccination progress in Aruba

The coronavirus vaccination process in Aruba is at its full speed. So far, the country has administered 139,887 doses (August 10). 


From 107,266 inhabitants, 66,652 people have been fully vaccinated, while 6,398 Arubans await the second dose.

Why travel to Aruba during COVID?

First and foremost, Aruba is open to nearly all foreign nationals. Also, it has only a few entry measures – a negative test and the Aruba Visitors Insurance. If you comply with these, you’re all set to enjoy all the delights of the Caribbean.

From white-sand beaches and turquoise waters to culinary experiences and natural wonders. Here are the top 3 things you shall not miss when in Aruba.

1. Diving

Aruba boasts many outstanding coral reefs, marine life, as well as wreck diving sites. Some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving spots are set around Malmock Beach and Boca Catalina.

2. Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park covers nearly 20% of the island and is also Aruba’s largest. It features rugged terrain, Indian rock drawings, and diverse fauna and flora, including the unique turtle nesting sites. 

3. De Palm Island

Located just a 5-minute ferry ride from the mainland, De Palm Island is a perfect spot for some family fun. It offers a small beach, water park, and several water-based activities, such as banana rides or snorkeling tours. It’s also home to a flock of elegant flamingos!

If you’re looking to visit the Caribbean this year, Aruba it is. However, we recommend you be vaccinated before travel.

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