Is it SAFE to travel to CALIFORNIA right now in 2021? (during the pandemic)
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With the highest vaccination rates and lowest COVID-19 incidence in the U.S., the pandemic is generally under control in California. Yet, last Friday (August 6), the state reported the highest number of daily new cases since January.

California is concerned over the new, more contagious Delta variant. On Wednesday (August 11), Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that all teachers and school staff must get vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. 

According to NPR News, the same will apply to all health care workers. Therefore, California is the first state in the U.S. to require such measures.

Stats & Current COVID-19 situation in California

In total, California has reported around 4.2 million infections of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. 64,481 cases have been mortal.

Source: The New York Times

At the moment, there are 1,846,183 active cases and an average of 12,074 new infections daily.

Vaccination progress in California

Source: Our World in Data
Source: The New York Times

As of August 11, 26,194,546 Californians have received at least one dose, while 21,262,872 of them have been fully vaccinated. That is around 53.8% of the population of the Golden State. 

COVID-19 hotspots in California

Source: The New York Times

Is it safe to travel to Los Angeles?

Yes, traveling to Los Angeles at the moment is generally safe. The city is open to both domestic and international travelers. But, several rules must be followed. As long as you have been fully vaccinated, you don’t have to undergo quarantine when visiting L.A. Otherwise, you should quarantine for at least 10 days. International visitors must get tested before the beginning of their journey. Also, masks should be worn in all indoor public spaces. 

Is it safe to travel to San Francisco?

The same rules apply to San Francisco. Establishments and other economic activities have reopened in San Francisco as well. At the same time, there is no high number of incidences. Traveling to San Francisco is pretty safe. You are also obligated to wear a mask in all indoor public places. If you are not sure, follow the CDC’s travel recommendations.

Why travel to California during COVID?

California is a safety COVID-19 champion. It’s one of the states that has vaccinated most of its citizens so far. Coronavirus cases also remain relatively low.

Besides, there are plenty of natural wonders to see where you are likely to remain COVID-free. From beautiful state parks and forests to surfing spots and camping sites, California is a good option for travelers even in times of the pandemic.

There are no county tiers, capacity limits, or physical distancing requirements. On the other hand, vaccination, masks, disinfecting, and testing are still recommended.

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