Is it safe to travel to Spain Right now in 2021? (during Covid)
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Traveling to Spain could be safe if the necessary precautions are taken. Infection rates are shooting up in Spain more than in any other EU country and in cities such as Barcelona, the incidence of COVID-19 is the highest across the European Union now.

On June 26, the national government lifted the mask mandate for enclosed settings but at least half of the people in the streets still wear it. 

Is it safe to travel to Spain right now?

The fifth wave of COVID-19 infections is being fueled by the virulent Delta variant and unvaccinated young people attending massive events without following the health protocols, health experts say.

There is no reason to believe that travelers who can avoid these kinds of risky situations wouldn’t be safe.

COVID-19 cases in Spain

What is open in Spain right now?

Spain is officially open to most leisure travelers, meaning that most tourist venues are also open. Visitors will get to enjoy bars, restaurants, concerts, theaters, cinemas, museums and so on. 

Unlike other countries such as Italy, Greece or Portugal, Spain does not request visitors to bring proof of vaccination to take part in indoor activities. 

Why visit Spain during the pandemic?

The warm weather and laid-back vibe in most of its dream cities. Also, its beach resorts and mountains in Barcelona, Madrid or Sevilla. 

1. Barcelona

With lots of beaches nearby, Barcelona is the right place to be in the summer. Also, travelers will get to visit one the most famous main streets in Europe, Las Ramblas. A boulevard bordered by shops, bars, restaurants and trendy coffee-shops. 

2. Canary Islands

Sunshine Guaranteed. Even if you’re coming in December, January or February you won’t need to wear a coat. The diversity of the Canary Islands includes National Parks with volcanoes, and crystal clear waters perfect for swimming and surfing.

3. Costa Brava

La Costa Brava gathers a collection of small beachfront towns from Catalonia all the way through France. Their not-too-hot temperatures make it a great place to spend a pleasant summer.

What countries can enter Spain?

All EU and Schengen area countries plus most third party countries with a few exceptions. Visitors must present a QR code generated through the Spain Travel Health portal. 

Fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to bring a negative COVID-19 test even if they are arriving from “risk countries.”

Only arrivals from Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Namibia are exempt from this rule. These travelers are requested to undergo a 10-day mandatory quarantine on arrival in Spain.

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