Italy Announces New Restrictions And Bans Unvaccinated From Indoor Activities
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  • Post published:27/11/2021
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Stricter rules will be applied from the first week of December to diminish the risk of COVID-19 infections from increasing in Italy.

Italian authorities, specifically the Italian Council of Ministers, approved the proposal of President Mario Draghi and the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza on November 24. This decree puts into immediate measures to further contain the spread of the virus in an effort to protect the greater public health. 

Places such as bars, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, clubs, sporting events, gyms and others, will no longer allow unvaccinated and unrecovered persons from entering. This will be coupled with the new Green Pass which starts on December 6, which applies to those who are either vaccinated or cured.

Under these new rules, to enter any of the previously mentioned establishments, patrons will be required to present valid proof of vaccination or recovery. This is in stark contrast to the previous policy which just required people to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours.

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Another addition to the policy is change to public transportation. Previously people who held a recent negative Coronavirus test were barred from taking long-haul train rides and domestic flights. But now, these people will also not be permitted to use any forms of public transportation. 

Another milestone in this decree is that starting on December 15, further categories of people will be required to get immunized against the virus. Currently only healthcare workers have an obligatory requirement, but starting on this date, teachers, police forces, and those in the military will also be required. 

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