JetBlue To Add Low-Cost Flights From U.S. To London This Summer Starting At $591
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  • Post published:27/04/2022
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No airline has had it easy in the last two years, so any announcement of the launch of new routes is cause for celebration. Such is the case with JetBlue Airways, which plans to offer low-cost flights to London in the summer of 2022.

The carrier has had to reduce the number of routes a couple of times due to Coronavirus restrictions, but it will now look to keep its transatlantic routes to London with low fares.

Key information for travelers

JetBlue’s first transatlantic flight from New York to London took off last August. JetBlue’s transatlantic options were strengthened after that first trip, with several more added for this summer.

JFKJetBlue will begin flying to London from Boston in the near future. Flights to London Gatwick will begin Jul. 19, and flights to Heathrow will begin Aug. 22.

According to JetBlue, tickets from New York to London will be available for less than $600 on many days in the coming months, while round-trip flights from Boston to London will also be available for less than $600 in July and August.

From May 18 to 25, visitors can get flights for as little as $592. From August 19 to 24, passengers can fly from Boston to London for just $591.

Airbus A320 JetBlue

Travelers can enjoy complimentary JetBlue beverages and snacks on every flight, as well as free in-flight Wi-Fi.

The company also offers some of the most cost-effective business class travel options. Reportedly, a ticket from Boston to Heathrow in Mint Business Class costs $1,949, which is quite competitive and less expensive than other transatlantic carriers.

Jetblue CEO Robin Hayes expressed enthusiasm for the route:

“The response from both sides of the Atlantic has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is now generally accepted that losing Jetblue on this route would be a major setback for travelers who enjoy low prices and excellent service.”

“We are committed to working with regulators as well as governments to determine the path to a long-term stay in Heathrow. We can contribute to the growth of this route if we are allowed to stay and compete. “

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