Lynx Air Will Bring Ultra Low-Cost Domestic Flights to Canada
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  • Post published:22/11/2021
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In 2022, a budget airline called Lynx Air will launch in Canada. With headquarters in Calgary, the airline will initially offer only domestic flights.

Many airlines faltered during the pandemic because of travel restrictions and safety concerns. Some closed down entirely.

With travel restrictions easing, many Canadians are excited to make up for the travel time they lost in 2020. Many are even more travel ready because of an increase in remote work.

That’s one reason leaders at Lynx believe Canadians could use an ultra low-cost option.

Lynx, previously called Enerjet, will be very different from its former incarnation. Enerjet was known as a charter airline that primarily served businesses.

Merren McArthur, the president and CEO of Lynx, is there to help smooth the transition. As the former CEO of Australia’s low-budget Tigerair, McArthur has extensive experience in running budget airlines.

McArthur has stated that the airline wants to bring Europe’s ultra low-cost flight model to Canada.

He wants the airline’s customer base to include two underserved groups: Canadians with too little money to travel and those who would travel more at lower prices.

McArthur also explained how he plans to achieve that goal. The business model he outlined is about efficiency, simplicity, and choice.

Many services will be optional, allowing customers to pick and choose the ones that fit their budgets. Most airlines spread out the costs so that each passenger is contributing money even for services they don’t use.

Lynx’s launch should create up to 450 Calgary jobs, making it a welcome addition to the local economy.

Though many Canadians are eager to fly, Lynx still hasn’t shared much information about planned routes and schedules. McArthur only said that the airline will focus on underserved domestic markets in areas with high fares.

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