Mallorca Port To Significantly Limit Cruise Ships in 2022
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  • Post published:26/12/2021
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During a meeting with cruise lines on December 20, Mallorca has agreed to cruise ship limits in the Balearic Islands starting in 2022.

This decision makes it so that the port will see 14.5 percent fewer calls in 2022 than it did in 2019 and will limit the number of big ships at the port. 

Only one of these big ships, those defined as holding more than 5,000 passengers, will be allowed to call in the port of Palma de Mallorca each day. Furthermore, the decision also includes ships with over 500 guests each to three ships per day. 

At the meeting in Hamburg which included the Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labor Iago Negueruela, the general director of the region’s tourism Rosana Morillo and cruise lines that operate in the surrounding area, the Balearic government stated that it reached this agreement after “two years of constant negotiations”.. 

This historic decision has, “stressed the importance of this collaboration agreement to set a sustainable limit on arrivals at the port of Palma” stated the Balearic government. 

The reduction in size will see a maximum of 460 ships with a passenger capacity above 500 and 518 calls for those fewer than 500 in 2022. As some have already booked their calls in the port, there will be no more than 20 days when four ships of the aforementioned capacity will be allowed to dock. No exceptions will be made in 2023 and the agreement will stay in force for the next five years.

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