Massachusetts Ranked Among Top 5 US States For Remote Work
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  • Post published:14/04/2022
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According to a new study from WalletHub, a personal finance website, Massachusetts is one of the best states for working from home.

The site used 12 key metrics to compare all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Metrics included important factors like cost of electricity, quality of cybersecurity, and amount of pre-pandemic remote workers.

Cape Cod Massachusetts

Though New Jersey took the top spot, Massachusetts still came in at a respectable fifth place. It was one of two New England states to make the top five.

TOP 10 US states for remote work

Stay-at-home orders near the beginning of the pandemic forced many Massachusetts businesses to send their workers home, but the remote work lifestyle hasn’t been all bad. In fact, many people prefer it.

Twenty percent of professional jobs in the United States were still remote as of the beginning of 2022, making states that are conducive to remote work more appealing.

Ranking factors of the WalletHub study

In Massachusetts, known for its heavy traffic and frustrating rush hours, working at home is particularly convenient. It saves some people up to four hours a day of commute time.

The commonwealth was at the top of one of WalletHub’s rankings: the highest percentage of households with reliable internet access. On the other hand, its expensive electricity costs prevented it from rising even higher in the rankings.

The only other New England state in the top five was Connecticut at number four. After that, the next state in the region to show up was Rhode Island, at number 19.

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