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Have you ever found yourself watching a film and then immediately looking up where it took place?  We do it all the time.  I remember watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and immediately going home and trying to find out where the last sequence was filmed.  When I found out it was called Petra, then I dug some more and found that it was in Jordan and read up on the history of the site.  That made me curious about Jordan and I started to do research on the country, the area and so on and so on and so on.  Films inspire us all the time.  Whether it be Indiana Jones or wanting to walk around Paris and explore like in the film Midnight in Paris.  I have compiled 10 of the films that have inspired us most.

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1.Out of Africa

When I saw this film, I was hooked.  I started to plan a trip to Africa, and when I had the chance to actually live in Africa, I jumped at the opportunity.  To live in Africa was a great adventure in my life and now I will take Kati to explore Kenya.  Who doesn’t want to see Elephants and Lion roam the plains after seeing this film.

2. The Indiana Jones Series

This film series has inspired me to explore Peru, plan a trip to Petra, enjoy Venice and take an adventure in Utah.  What more can a film series do.

3. Midnight in Paris

I am always telling Kati that I would have loved to live in the 20’s.  Midnight in Paris made me want to live in Paris in the 20’s.  Having written some novels, it was just the type of movie I like.  This film might not be for everyone, but Paris in the rain looks amazing.

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is a great film to watch on a Friday night with friends.  Most of the scenes where filmed in Iceland and Walter Mitty is like a lot of our friends.  They dream about traveling, and taking an adventure.  They talk about traveling and exploring the world. And most of the time, they just stay home.

5. Under the Tuscan Sun

Ok this might be regarded as a chick flick, but I always think about my times in Italy when I watch it.  And Tuscany is an area that we think will please any traveler.

6. The Motorcycle Diaries

The trip that Che Guevara and his friend makes is still on my bucket list.  I love riding my motorcycle and love South America.  The two combined will be the trip of a lifetime.

7. A Good Year

This is a romantic comedy that takes place in Provence.  Just seeing Provence will want to make you pack your bags for France.

8. Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia is another one of those films that I wanted to learn more about.  More about Lawrence, more about where he actually was, where the film was shot and can I go there.  It was mostly shot in Jordan and we will be going there shortly.  And we have planned to stay in the desert with the Howeitat (I don’t think we will be attacking Aqaba).

9. National Treasure Series

This is another series like the Indiana Jones series but it takes place within the US.  Boston, Washington, and Mount Rushmore are all represented.  I felt like I was 12 years old again, and my dad was getting us in the car to go on a road trip.  A great movie if you are interested in American history (or their version of it).

10. The Bucket List

Up until this movie, I think I just would like places that I wanted to go, or stare at a map or globe endlessly.  After this movie, I started to put together a bucket list.  It inspired me to think about prioritizing where I wanted to travel to.


TV Series/Documentaries

Long Way Down & Long Way Around

This series is about Ewan McGregor and his friend Charlie Boorman as they motorcycle around the world.

Planet Earth (I & II)

This is from BBC and I love it. I watch it continuously and enjoy it every time.

There are other films that inspire us like The Third Man and Roman Holiday, but we come back again and again to re-watch these and to get re-inspired. We can be inspired by books, magazines, other blogs, TV and films.   What inspires you?


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