New Jersey Ranked No. 1 State For Remote Work In The U.S.
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  • Post published:13/04/2022
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According to a recent study, New Jersey is the top state for remote workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to allow their employees to work from home. However, the trend is continuing even as the pandemic comes to a close.

Now, tons of businesses have come to see remote work as a legitimate long-term option, which makes sense considering how many employees refuse to head back to the office. Nonetheless, not all states are equally conducive to remote employment.

Remote employees need a helpful environment. Cost of living, comfort at home, and excellent digital security are vital.

The study from WalletHub, which gave New Jersey the top spot in that area, assessed states based on several metrics. WalletHub also included the District of Columbia.

The primary metrics include the following:

  • Highest / lowest share of population working from home
  • Highest / lowest share of potential telecommuters
  • Highest / lowest households’ internet access
  • Highest / lowest cybersecurity
  • Highest / lowest average price of electricity
  • Highest / lowest internet cost
New Jersey downtown

Though New Jersey wasn’t at the top of any of those metrics, it was close to the best in some. For instance, it has the fourth-highest rate of internet access in the nation.

Overall, its merits made it the best state for remote workers even though it was only in the top five for one category.

Notably, New Jersey wasn’t in the bottom five of any category.

The study also looked at issues like home price and size. High costs lowered the ratings of certain otherwise good states.

Regardless of which state provides the best environment for remote employment, working from home seems like it’s here to stay. Though it initially became common due to COVID-19, its numerous benefits have charmed workers and companies alike.

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