Orient Express Service To Launch 6 New Luxury Train Routes in Italy
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In 2023, the Orient Express train service will offer trips on six new luxury trains. Most trips on these luxury locomotives, called La Dolce Vita trains, will explore only Italy, though some international itineraries will also be on offer.

Each itinerary has been crafted to include both famous attractions and areas tourists might otherwise miss. Italy will be the starting point of most trips.

During the rides, passengers will see many beautiful locations. Those areas will include sparsely populated countryside, beautiful beaches, and the Alps.

Certain itineraries will whisk passengers between multiple countries, including non-Italian stops like Istanbul, Paris, and Split.

Designed by: Dimorestudio (Bedroom)
Designed by: Dimorestudio (Restaurant)

Those trips will take riders almost 10,000 miles. Over 4,000 of those miles will be on unelectrified railways.

Despite offering the height of luxury, the trains also provide earth-friendly transportation. Compared to travel by car or plane, train travel puts little strain on the environment.

La Dolce Vita trains and their itineraries bring 1960s history and glamour to the forefront. During that decade, Italy saw a boom in art and design developments.

Each train will have multiple Deluxe cabins and Suites. Additionally, there will be one Honour Suite per train.

Riders will also have access to an onboard restaurant with five-star service. Fine Italian wines will accompany their meals.

Luxurious service will start even before trains depart. Passengers will be able to order snacks and refreshments at the Orient Express executive lounge.

In 2024, an Orient Express hotel called Minerva will open in Rome.

Orient Express luxury trains have been running since 1883. The first trip took passengers from Paris to Vienna.

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