Romania Introduces New Legislation Proposal for Digital Nomad Visa
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  • Post published:01/06/2021
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Romania has introduced legislation that would create a digital nomad visa for remote workers. If the law is approved, the country could become one of the most attractive destinations in Central and Eastern Europe for the globe’s growing population of digital nomads.

The proposed law seeks to modify Emergency Ordinance No. 194, which was enacted in 2002, to add a new remote working visa category for foreign visitors.

The visa would allow third-country nationals to stay in Romania long-term if they are employed by a foreign company or are a self-employed individual offering services to foreign clientele.

“Digital nomads are defined as foreign citizens who want to live in Romania for a longer period, while still working remotely for an international employer or for a company they have registered in a third country,” said Diana Buzoianu, the member of the Romanian Parliament who proposed the new visa program. “We invite international citizens to live in and enjoy our beautiful country, where innovation intersects with traditions and nature.”

The draft legislation has a monthly income requirement of just 5,429 Romanian lei, or around $1,344 USD, which would give it the lowest minimum income condition of any country in the region. In comparison, Georgia requires digital nomads to make at least $2,000 USD a month, and Estonia mandates nearly $4,300 USD a month.

Even without a digital nomad visa, Romania already has a great reputation among remote workers. The top reasons for its popularity include low monthly rents for one-bedroom apartments and high-speed internet that stretches into remote locations.

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The worldwide competition for digital nomads is becoming increasing fierce. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more global remote workers than ever before, and a growing number of countries are introducing digital nomad visas to lure them in and boost local tourism.

If Romania’s proposed digital nomad visa becomes a reality, the country could become the European destination of choice for remote workers.

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