Singapore Opening Quarantine-free Travel Bubble with Germany After Reaching 80% Vaccination Rate
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  • Post published:09/09/2021
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The Singapore-Germany travel bubble also known as (Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) will set off on Sept. 8 when fully vaccinated passengers from both countries will be permitted to enjoy leisure travel and most importantly, bypass quarantine.

Singapore has a – long – history of opening travel bubbles only to close them shortly after. 

This time however, the outlook is optimistic considering the vaccination rates of both countries. As of today, Germany has fully vaccinated 74% of its eligible population and Singapore 58%.

In a previous interview, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong stated the country would gradually start opening its borders to the world. 

`”We will move step by step – not in one big bang like some countries, but cautiously and progressively, feeling our way forward,” said the PM. 

Not to sound like a killjoy, but there’s some fine print travelers need to be aware of before booking their flights.

Allowed tourists – only vaccinated visitors older than 12 years old. 

Since kids this age are not eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine they were not included in the agreement

Travel history – to be eligible for VTL travel, visitors mandatorily need to have spent the last 21 days in either Singapore or Germany. 

Flights – booking random commercial flights is not how it works. Both Germany and Singapore have designated special “VTL” flights. Travelers must consult with their travel agents or directly with their airlines. 

Arrival – Instead of quarantining for 14 days, both governments agreed to require travelers to get tested on arrival. In the case of Singapore, not only one but multiple times. 

According to Asia One, travelers need to take five Covid-19 tests total; “one before departing Singapore (~$160), one before departing Germany (~$200), and three more (~$160, ~$95 and ~95) after coming back to Singapore.”

These include the admin fee of about $5. The news portal suggests that in a round trip travelers will spend some $715 on Covid-19 tests alone.

Singapore has also closed a similar deal with Brunei. Their travel bubble should start on Sept. 9. 

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