Sweden Plans To Lift Its Travel Ban Against American Tourists on Oct. 31.
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  • Post published:01/11/2021
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In September, rising COVID-19 rates in the United States made Swedish authorities hesitant to allow American tourists entry. However, authorities no longer believe an entry ban for U.S. tourists is necessary.

Government officials instituted travel bans in response to recommendations by the Council of the European Union. The Council’s recommendations will remain in effect indefinitely.

Though U.S. tourists are now welcome in the country, not all tourists are so lucky. Sweden’s ban still excludes most visitors from outside the European Union or European Economic Area.

Sweden does, however, have an exemption list. Exempted countries now include the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, Turkey, and several others.

Tourists from exempted countries must follow certain restrictions to enter Sweden. For U.S. tourists, the rules are as follows:

Fully vaccinated visitors must provide a negative COVID-19 test and present a vaccine certificate from their country of origin.

Unvaccinated travelers are still barred from entering Sweden. This ban includes unvaccinated travelers who can prove they already had and recovered from COVID-19.

With Sweden finally open to U.S. tourists, Americans will have one more potential vacation spot to choose from this winter.

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