Travel Safe in the U.S., Most Airlines Offering COVID Testing
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  • Post published:25/05/2021
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As the volume of people traveling in the United States increases, many major airlines are offering COVID-19 tests.

Travel restrictions vary by state, but many require a negative test from visitors. Airlines have set up testing sites in airports throughout the country to attract customers and make traveling as simple as possible.

Alaska Airlines offers COVID-19 tests for any traveler arriving at a destination that requires it. They have in-person and at-home options ranging in cost from $135 to $170.

American Airlines provides tests for passengers traveling to anywhere in the U.S. that requires a test as well as London and certain destinations in the Caribbean. The tests are at-home kits that cost $129.

Delta currently has two pilot programs for pre-flight testing. Passengers traveling from Atlanta to Amsterdam or Rome can take a series of three tests to be exempt from quarantine requirements.

Hawaiian Airlines offers testing for travelers arriving in Hawaii. Passengers can pick up at-home tests in their cities for $119, but some cities also offer drive-through testing for $90.


JetBlue offers at-home saliva tests to their passengers for $119. Results for these tests usually become available within 48 to 72 hours.

Spirit Airlines has opened a testing center at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida. Anyone with proof of travel plans can receive an antigen test for $74 or a PCR test for $106.

United Airlines provides COVID-19 tests for travelers headed to certain destinations, including Hawaii, London, Central America, and South America. They offer at-home test kits and rapid tests before boarding.

Travel demands have increased significantly throughout the holiday season, but many states still have testing and quarantine requirements in effect. As airlines see a higher volume of travel, many will likely expand their testing options.

Passengers with upcoming travel plans should research testing requirements for their destination. Some airlines offer tests that must be taken several days before the flight, so planning in advance is key.

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