U.S. Airlines Lure Tourists to Visit Hawaii With $188 Round-Trips
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  • Post published:30/10/2021
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Hawaii is preparing to welcome back tourists on Nov. 1 and U.S. flag carriers are seizing the opportunity to attract tourists with fares as low as $188 round trip.  

Back in August, Hawaii’s governor asked tourists to stay home due to the health crisis and on Oct 19 he asked them to return. 

As per a CNN report, United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Alaska Airlines have started to offer low-cost fares that will be available from December 2021 to February 2022 and beyond. 

Here are some of the picks.

  • American Airlines – Los Angeles (LAX) to Kahului (OGG) for $198 round trip
  • Alaska Airlines – San Francisco (SFO) to Kahului (OGG) for $198 round trip
  • Alaska Airlines – San Francisco (SFO) a Kahului (OGG) for $198 round trip
  • Hawaiian Airlines – Los Ángeles (LAX) a Honolulu (HNL) for $198 round trip
  • Hawaiian Airlines – San Francisco (SFO) a Honolulu (HNL) for $198 round trip
  • Hawaiian Airlines – San Diego (SAN) a Honolulu (HNL) for $198 round trip
hawaii coast with palm trees

In fact, the cheapest month to fly to Hawaii is August. This is because the high season is considered to be January, November, and December. 

To avoid extra charges, travelers should make sure to book their tickets at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.

According to Kayak, an American online travel agency owned by Booking Holdings, in the previous 72 hours, the cheapest ticket to Hawaii from the United States was $29 one-way and $188 round-trip. 

The most popular route is Seattle to Honolulu and the lowest airline ticket available on this route in the previous 72 hours was $270 round-trip.

For those worried about Hawaii’s ever-changing travel restrictions, the three above-mentioned airlines have decided to waive their cancellation fees on flights to the Aloha State. 

More good news. In a press conference with the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii’s governor stated that he wants to reduce or eliminate some of the COVID-19 restrictions by the end of the year.

For instance, restaurant capacity is capped at 50% on both Oahu and Maui. 

If the daily average falls and remains below 100, the government would consider eliminating these restrictions, he said.

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