US Tourists Must Now Be Fully Vaccinated to Visit Spain
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  • Post published:08/09/2021
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Spain is the latest country to tighten its entry requirements as the Iberian country now requires the vast majority of tourists from the United States to be fully vaccinated in order to be allowed entry.

This development, which went into effect on Monday, is the result of Spanish authorities removing the U.S. from its list of low-risk countries on Friday. For more than two months, American tourists could have visited Spain without needing to be vaccinated or provide a recent negative COVID-19 test result. Now, with few exceptions, those who are not vaccinated cannot enter Spain for unessential reasons.

One of the events that likely sparked this change in Spain’s policy was the European Union’s European Council removing the U.S. from its “safe” list on Aug. 30, which means that it was recommending that its countries put greater restrictions in place on those traveling there from the U.S.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, Seville, Spain

Unvaccinated travelers should note that spending time in a third country en route to Spain will not change this requirement.

Full vaccination must have been completed at least two weeks prior to traveling to Spain. Approved vaccines include AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, Sinopharm and Sinovac.

These restrictions do not apply to those traveling from the U.S. who are citizens or long-term residents of any E.U. or Schengen Area country. Also, those who have urgent familial or related reasons to travel to Spain might be allowed entry.

Unvaccinated individuals who fit any of the narrow exceptions to these new regulations will need to take a PRC test within 72 hours of traveling and have a negative result from it to show.

Those who are able to travel here should access the Spain Travel Health portal prior to making the trip and have a generated QR code ready to present upon arrival in Spain.

Travelers who are making this trip should research COVID-19-related regulations that exist where they are heading, which often vary significantly from one Spanish region to another. However, generally, a mask should be worn when in public closed spaces as well as outdoors where social distancing is not possible.

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