Why Should You Travel Alone At Least Once A Year
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Do you ever travel alone? Well, we all want to travel with friends and families and why not because it gives us immense happiness.

We make a special bond with them, and traveling with them gives a new dimension to the relation.

I am completely for it please don’t get me wrong. But we all are different individuals at the end of the day and we have different wants and desires, isn’t it?

Now let me give you an example, I and my boyfriend (he is a very good looking male) are very much in love and we complement each other.

But there are times he tells me to go somewhere, and I don’t want to but just to make him happy I go with him, and that’s completely fine because that’s what the relationship is all about.

But there are times when I want to go someplace and I know he doesn’t want to go like, I like to go to parties but he is more of a nature lover so even though he accompanies me I know deep down he doesn’t want to be there and I completely understand it.

I feel bad for him but at the same time, I want to go to parties. I think it happens to every couple and in every family. You want different things. So what is the answer?

The best answer is

Plan for solo travel once a year

travel alone

Top 7 benefits when you travel alone

1. Travel alone and you are a free bird

travel alone

Like in my case, I can party anytime, anywhere, similarly, you can do anything if you travel alone, like if you want to do bungee jumping, skydiving, skateboarding, fishing, photography, painting, yoga, shopping, anything( I like taking photos and yes “selfies”) you can do freely and as much as you want.

I always wanted to learn guitar and I was in Scotland. I took guitar lessons and I felt so happy because I was doing what I always wanted to learn but never got the time. It took me some time to get the basics but I can bet now I am not a bad guitarist for sure.

I met a girl from Poland and she was learning Spanish, she was also traveling alone.


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2. You can make new friends

travel alone

You can talk to anybody, become friends ( I made few men and women friends) and travel with them to different places, exchange new ideas, understand their culture, their eating habits, their lifestyle, fashion, do fun stuff and many more things but if you are already with your family you cannot do everything.


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3. You will become self-reliant

This is very important. We are always dependent on somebody or the other whether financially or emotionally. We females always need a helping hand.

But understand one thing if you travel solo you have to make your own decisions whether it’s about which flight to take, where to go ( my favorites-Singapore, Canada, India, Australia, California, Paris, London…long bucket list) which hotel to stay or any other decision, initially, it will be a little difficult but trust me gradually you will start enjoying it.

You will become lot more confident and you can make plans as per your desire.

I went to Spain in winter and did everything on my own and it was a wonderful trip.


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We have good days and bad days in life but when you travel alone you will be able to understand yourself better, find your answers, understand your purpose in life.


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4. You will get personal space

Let’s be honest, we all need personal space and this is the time you will have all the time for only yourself. It’s so relaxing.

You can do meditation, yoga, jogging, swimming or just lay around and nobody will bother you. It’s wonderful for a change.


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5. You will be a better person

travel alone

This is the time you can talk to yourself, understand what you want in the future, where you are going wrong, how to build better relationships with your near and dear ones.

Believe me, you will be a far better human being when you travel alone. Don’t even think for a moment, book your flight and you are ready to go.

6.More Travel Places

Earlier I had to travel according to the unanimous choice of my friends, as a group. So even if I wanted to go to a particular place and my friends did not want to go there, I had to listen to the group because the majority did not want to go there.

Now it is not the case. Even if no body want to go to that place I can just book my tickets and fly away.

7.Change Plans

When you are traveling alone and you have decided to go to a particular place and then at the last moment you want to skip that place, you can do it. Instead you can go to another place of your choice. Since you are independent and alone you can do it as per your will.

Tips To Travel Alone

1.Confidence is the key, you remember fake it till you make it and slowly it will come from within.

2.Don’t behave like a tourist

3.Be friendly with people but don’t trust anyone.

4.Stay in touch with your family or friends constantly over phone or messages.

5.When you are out to travel leave expensive items at the hotel.

6.Dress according to the place and occasion.


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Websites And Apps That Help In Solo Travel

Trip Whistle Global SOS -For any kind of emergency you can use this app. You can call local police, ambulance, or for any emergency.

GAFFL– Helps you find travel buddies and share expenses in your own destination.

ICE – For any medical condition use this app

Eat With– To enjoy food experience with locals I found this website very useful

Meal Sharing-If you want home-cooked meals this website offers good quality food.

Women Travel Alone– You will get help in traveling alone

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Travel Essentials

Whenever I travel I have to buy something whether clothes or phone or shoes, bags or anything so I buy it from amazon.com

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For Accommodation

I prefer to book hotels through Agoda.com which is a part of world leader Booking Holdings because it gives loads of hotel options.

For Flights

Trip.com is my favorite when it comes to flight bookings as I always get the best deals.

For Travel Insurance

When we travel anything can happen to use anytime, maybe an accident or you fall ill or anything, if you have good travel insurance it will take care of all the troubles so I prefer one of the most trusted travel insurance which is Worlds Nomad


Get Your Guide and Viator both give a lot of options for the tours and activities including tickets.

So what is stopping you, when are you planning your trip alone? Let me know and trust me; you will always cherish the memories.

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